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Taking orders for April 16 | Online or Call 530-536-0788
Taking orders for April 16


What is heat-and-serve?

Heat-and-serve is a meal that requires an oven to reheat. All Trip Nosh heat-and-serve meals are packaged in FDA approved packaging are safe at room temperature, if unopened, for 24 - 48 hours and should be reheated and consumed within 72 hours. 

How soon do I need to reheat my food?

Trip Nosh take-and-bake items should be reheated to an internal temp of 140 °for at least 2 minutes within 72 hours of delivery.

For packaged goods, follow all manufactures guidelines for storage and consumption.

When will Trip Nosh be available in my area?

Trip Nosh is currently available in the North Lake Tahoe area. New markets are launching soon. Please reach out if you would like to receive meals as beta tester in a new market.

How far in advance must we place our order?

Trip Nosh orders cutoff every Tuesday at 10 pm pacific time for Thursday pick-up and Friday delivery. If you need something faster than that, please contact us right away.

Why must we order in advance?

Food service can be a wasteful industry and Trip Nosh aims to only purchase, prepare, and delivery what is needed. Advanced ordering helps Trip Nosh keep prices low, service levels high, and quality at the forefront.

Do you cater to vegetarians, vegans, and people with dietary restrictions?

Many of our dishes have a vegetarian or vegan option. For special dietary requests please contact customer support after you place your order. We strive to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

I don’t see the food we like. Can we order something special?

Yes. Please checkout with the “Open Meal” and we will contact you to discuss a menu option.

Can we buy alcohol for delivery on

No. Alcohol must be purchased outside the Trip Nosh platform.

If you wish to discuss our bar service, please purchase the “Open drinks” product and we will reach out with options.

How is the food packaged?

Trip Nosh operates out of commercial kitchens and packages food in the most environmentally friendly containers possible while maintaining food safety. Some packaging will be the same as you’d find in a grocery store and some will be customized for your specific needs.

Do you include recipes?

Yes, we include a recipe with each meal.

Does Trip Nosh supply condiments?

Yes. We want you to be ready on arrival, so there is no need to shop for the extras your rental is missing. We base our condiment package on the menu you select. If you need something else please let us know in the Special Requests form.