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Taking orders for April 16 | Online or Call 530-536-0788
Taking orders for April 16

Concierge Partnership

Each trip your team makes to a local grocer can take up to two hours. Grocery stores are designed for browsing and up-selling, not getting in and out quickly.

Trip Nosh is the backend to your concierge business.

Save Time

Reduce your operational overhead by utilizing our meal prep and grocery service. Conveniently located in Truckee, California, Trip Nosh's kitchen and warehouse can supply your team with everything your business needs to save time in serving your guests.

Product Diversity

Trip Nosh has accounts with a variety of distributors. We can supply your most discerning guests with the food products they expect while traveling. We are always working to find the best local artisans and responsible food purveyors.

Our expert chefs and kitchen team can supply ready to cook meals and meal kits that guests will love.


Inventory and Storage

We have dedicated space for creating meal kits and packages for traveling guests. As a concierge business, this means you don't have to store food in questionable areas or buy everything ad hoc. Simply select your offerings and let our team build the perfect arrangements for your guests.