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delicious home made slaw

Quick and Tasty Slaw to Use on Everything

When we go on vacation, I always want a little extra flavor in my dishes - whether that flavor is for a taco bar, sandwiches, or a charcuterie board. This five-minute dish and can last multiple days and numerous pairings.

When shopping for your vacation, make sure to grab these few items and get this quick slaw going.

1 - head of white or green cabbage
1 - 6 or 12 oz bottle of rice vinegar - unsweetened
1 - lime
1 - bunch of a fresh herbs (cilantro, thyme, dill, or oregano)
1 - small package of chili flakes (optional)


thin sliced slaw

For the dish:

One head of green or white cabbage can make a fortune of slaw, so think about your party size. This recipe is straightforward to bump up if needed.

2 - 4 people, slice a quarter head of cabbage
4 - 8 people, slice a half head of cabbage
8 + people, slice the whole head of cabbage

For 2-4 people, toss the cabbage in a mixing bowl. Finely chop your herb of choice and mix in a tablespoon to the bowl. Squeeze 1/4 of the lime, more if you are heavy on Hispanic dishes, and finally toss in a few splashes of rice vinegar (about a tablespoon as well). Finish with a few dashes of chili flakes.

Here are the measurements if you are exacting.

1/4 head of cabbage (thinly sliced)
One tablespoon unsweetened rice vinegar
One tablespoon fresh lime
One tablespoon fresh chopped herbs
A dash of chili flakes and salt to taste

Toss everything and let this rest for 20 minutes at room temperature.

Now you have a great side you can eat plain, top pulled pork sandwiches, flavor tuna bowls, or mix into soup.

Why do I love this while on vacation?

This slaw has a few essential advantages over deli mixed or precut slaws. The fresh thin-cut doesn't need to be shelf-stable for days. You're eating this slaw within 36 hours of making it. Second, no mayonnaise means this tastes fresher longer and goes better with more dishes - don't get me wrong, I love aiolis, but we don't need it in this slaw. If you are craving that creamy addition, it is effortless to add mayo later.

It's neutral enough that everyone likes it. The rice vinegar is much milder than white or wine vinegars, and the mild flavor makes the slaw a crowd-pleaser.

The hardest part about this dish is cutting the cabbage thin. You cannot cut this vegetable thin enough. Think about those super delicate slices of cucumber you find at a beautiful sushi bar.

Getting a very sharp knife at a vacation rental is not always the easiest. I will substitute a dull chef knife for a serrated blade in these cases. Be careful and go slow. Excellent knife skills take practice, and anyone can learn to cut well.

Next time you are heading to a vacation house, add this delight to your menu. You'll be surprised at how many dishes this goes with and how easy it is to make.

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